ORS Fun Run for Camp Sunshine 2017

Off-Road Solutions Fun Run for Camp Sunshine May 6th 2017







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3rd annual “Fun Run” is a fundraiser event with all proceeds donated to Arkansas Children’s Hospital ” Camp Sunshine”

Some info about Camp Sunshine:
Camp Sunshine was founded in 1991 as an attempt to promote physical and emotional healing, growth and development of burned children. Children who sustain burn injury have needs which are best met by other burn survivors. Camp Sunshine gives survivors, both adult and pediatric across the state of Arkansas an opportunity to establish lasting friendships, experience personal growth and develop lifelong memories. Camp Sunshine assists in the transformation of Burn Victim to Burn Survivor.”
To attend camp, certain criteria must be met. Future campers must have survived a 10% or greater full thickness burn and may have significant scarring, disability or scarring to the hands or face. The age range is from 4 to 16 years. At 16 a camper becomes a Junior Staff member, at 18 they choose to be a Counselor in Training or a Volunteer in Training. Camp is ongoing for as long as the survivor wishes to attend.
Camp Sunshine is provided free of charge to the camper – all counselors and volunteers attend on a volunteer basis. Funding is totally provided by the Arkansas Professional Fire Fighters who conduct fundraisers throughout each year to raise the thousands of dollars needed. In 2006, Little Rock Fire Fighters introduced a pay roll deduction plan to raise their share of the funds.
Camp Sunshine takes place every year on the 3rd weekend in August, commencing the Thursday and runs for 4 days


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