2nd Annual ORB Hill Killin for a Cause 2016

August 26th and 27th 2016

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Cody is 8yrs old and loves to off road just like the rest of us. Cody’s off road experience is a lot different form most of us because Cody is wheelchair bound. Cody has used a wheelchair since he was just two years old. Due to Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus both conditions lead to lifelong challenges, including paralysis, bladder and bowl problems, this make it more difficult for him to navigate the woods to spectate at our off road events. Cody is a trooper, there is no doubt about that! Sadly, Cody’s mom passed away two years ago. Despite all of the hardships and sadness, Cody is doing extraordinarily well in his development, thanks mainly to the dedication of his father, the love and affection of his older brother Cash. With the help of his dad he manages to get him as far as he can but Cody is a growing boy so it will only get harder for him to get him around in the off road world. He never complains, he never gives up, he never even considers that he cannot do anything that anyone else can do. With treaded tracks instead of wheels, the fields and forests are opened for off-roading, slogging through mud, and even fording small streams. Getting one of these chairs for Cody would mean that he would be able to fully enjoy the great outdoors and not just watch from the sidelines. It would mean inclusion to activities with his friends and family. It would mean that his family would not have to stress about whether or not they could go somewhere. It would give him the independence that he needs to be able to get around and explore the elements, help with his development, improve his overall quality of life, and really enjoy life to the fullest. This year getting Cody a track chair so he can better enjoy the off road better is our goal. So let us help take Cody off road where he loves to be!!!

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Author: staff