We recommend downloading our free trail map and familiarize yourself and others in your party with the Hot Springs ORV Park trail systems. The reason we recommend this is for safety and to ensure you are able to maximize your time at the park and experience the park to the fullest.


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Trails are open Thursday through Monday at 9am year round with the exception of a week at Christmas (call 501-625-3600 or check the calendar of events for exact dates).

All trail entrances are mapped and difficulty rated for each vehicle type (4WD vehicle, ATV, motorcycle). A trail map is included with park admission. Although subjective – what is a level 4 to a novice off-roader can be like a jaunt to Wal-Mart™ for a veteran. The scale is a pretty good indicator of the driving skill level and equipment needed in order to enjoy yourself on the trail. Level 1 trails are considered to be the easiest; level 5 trails are the most difficult.

Trail ratings listed  are for SUV’s / 4×4’s. Experience and skill is the deciding factor for what level trail you choose. The more diamonds, the more difficult the terrain.

If you are interested in becoming a trail partner please contact Knox at

One Diamond

This level is for the novice off-roader. Four-wheel dive will be needed occasionally for a few “tough” spots. Bring a camera and the family. At this level everyone can relax and enjoy the ride.

Two Diamond

For the little more experienced ‘wheeler. Four-wheel drive LOW RANGE will be needed for most of the trail. Stock vehicles with stock tires are OK. Still an enjoyable ride, and a great way to climb into the 4×4 sport!

Three Diamond


Action-packed and challenging, for moderately experienced ‘wheelers. At least 32″ aggressive treads are recommended, a locking differentials should also be part of your equipment list. Level 3 requires more concentration than levels 1 and 2.



Four Diamond

High-intensity, adrenaline-pumping fun! For experienced wheelers only! At least 33″ tires and front/rear lockers are a must. A winch and tree strap is recommended. These trails require a co-driver / spotter and heavy concentration.

Five Diamond


This is the real deal for experienced off-roaders! Nobody gets on a Level 5 trail without being locked front and rear. Your must have a winch and tree straps, 36″ or taller rubber, and little regard for your rig’s body panels. You can expect cosmetic and mechanical damage on some of these trails. These trails require a co-driver / spotter and your undivided attention. Bring a camera and a clean change of underwear. Due to the varying degree of these Five diamond trails, beware that just because you conquered one with ease doesn’t mean the next one won’t put you on your lid. USE CAUTION on these trails. Though we have one trail named “impossible”, there are several that truly are for all but a select crowd.

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