Fees / Waivers

Daily Use Fees

  • $33 SUV
  • $33 UTV
  • $16.50 ATV/Bike

Yearly Membership Fees

-Premium Year Membership (Reduced Day Fee)

  • $60 (includes the day you buy it)
  • $16.50 SUV day fee
  • $16.50 UTV day fee
  • $11 ATV/Bike

-Gold Year Membership

  • $275 No day fee

-Gold Family Year Membership (Includes 2 Vehicles)

  • $385 No day fee


  • All fees subject to change. Additional fees may apply to Special Events. Applicable sales taxes not included.
  • The SUV charge is based on the vehicle, not its occupants (except for special events). Each occupant must have a seat equipped with certified safety belt restraints.
  • Gold Family Membership is ideal for families with multiple drivers / riders. Children must be living in the parents’ household, and under 19-years old.
  • ATV / dirt bike riders must wear a DOT approved helmet. The Park has open-face rental helmets for $5 per day.
  • NO riding double on dirt bikes or ATVs. Factory designed dual-passenger ATVs are exempted.
  • Group discounts are available! Call the park office at 501-625-3600 or email manager@orvpark.com to plan your special event!

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